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JoomUnited Wordpress plugins on Addendio

JoomUnited Wordpress plugins on Addendio is a quite recent webservice around WordPress. I know you’re thinking, again a new webservice? nope this time it’s both very innovative and may solve the plugin search/test process every web designer have already encountered.

Searching for a WordPress plugin

Searching and find the plugin you or your client need is a real problem in WordPress because you have several sources and also because some search engine really sucks :)

Searching a plugin on the plugin directory: this is the the biggest plugin source but there’s a real problem to find the best one in it’s category because search engine is only keyword based. Plus the old plugins (not updated since 1-2 years) are not filtered.

CodeCanyon is providing only commercial plugins, from small to really big ones and it’s linked to themes that integrates the most popular plugins (like visual composer). It’s an amazing ecosystem but the main problems can be support on some plugin, some of them are not supported at all, plugin can be removed at any time. This can be a real problem when you’re selling a website based on a plugin that is no longer maintained. About their search engine it’s great, you got all the filters you need and plugin demos are usually really good.

Then you got Google searching and “independant” plugins providers (like us and many others). This is a war for ranking :) but the good point is that you can compare with blog reviews and usually the best ranked plugins are very old, stable, tested.


Addendio search engine

The addendio search engine is very intuitive and highly reactive. Everything is AJAX powered. Search results are great, by default it’s a mixed source between the plugin directory and CodeCanyon.



It seems that search results are based mostly on the plugin update (witch is very important), maybe more than reviews.

The good things is the filtering, you can filter your search by:

  • Source: Plugin directory and/or CodeCanyon
  • The install number for the plugin directory
  • The last update date
  • The famous 5 stars rating
  • The language



A WordPress plugin Sandbox

Find a plugin? great, if the plugin is on the plugin directory you can test it right now in a WordPress sandbox install. If the plugin is from CodeCanyon you’ll be redirected to the demo. For the demo test, let's try with WP Meta SEO.



You can test with recent WordPress version and also change the language of your sandbox. Just click on launch, it takes less than a minute to prepare it.



You’re done! now make a full test of the plugin as an admin and even share your “slug”. It’s a sort of permalink of your plugin demo. Here's the permalink to launch a WP Meta SEO sandbox:



What Addendio is selling to me?

Nothing :) everything is free without any restriction. We hope that the service will soon find a revenue source to improve and maintain the service.


Our conclusion

The really good point is that it handles the major part of the process from searching a plugin to trying and buying/using the plugin.The main thing that is missing but also technically complex, is the integration of independent plugin providers.

Try it!

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Thursday, December 02 2021

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