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Introducing Richer Hyperlinks to DropEditor


When you’re creating content on Joomla!, it’s important to have all the right tools at your fingertips. DropEditor is a powerful Joomla! extension that makes it possible to customize the layout of articles and pages, among other tools. The new version of DropEditor builds on previous iterations, making for an ever-growing toolbox to satisfy your needs.

Link Manager

One of the core introductions to DropEditor is a brand new link manager, allowing you to enrich your articles and pages with files, categories and everything in-between. The best thing about the link manager is that it lets you create hyperlinks to other content with unprecedented ease.

The newest version of the Joomla! extension introduces links to Dropfiles content, categories, articles and items from Joomla!, K2 and Flexicontent, and email addresses. All of these link types are integrated seamlessly with your Joomla! backend, acting just like any other hyperlink. How do you incorporate these links into your content?

All of these new tools are grouped together under the hyperlink button in your DropEditor toolbox. The process is slightly different from before, with a rich selection of options and fields, allowing you to customize the behavior and descriptions of the links.

The first step is to select the link type - whether a menu item, a file, or any one of the other options offered by DropEditor. If you’re looking for something more classical, you can choose the custom URL option.



Secondly, once you’ve chosen the link type, choose the behavior of the link. The selection and behavior depends on the link type. For example, if you chose to create a link to a file, a Dropfiles interface allows you to choose a single file to link to.

The next two fields allow you to choose the link text and title. The former is the text that is visible to your Joomla! users, and which, when clicked, leads to a new page. The link title, on the other hand, is a description of the link that appears when a user hovers over the hyperlink.

Finally, you can change the location of the newly-opened page. For example, if you want your users to remain on your Joomla! website after clicking the link, you can change the open in option to a new window.


Exporting Custom Styles and Profiles

Perhaps you’ve been working on your own custom styles, or maybe you’ve created the perfect set of DropEditor profiles for your website’s management team. Whatever the case, you would not be blamed if you wanted to save a backup of your styles or profiles, or even share them with other Joomla! users. Now, DropEditor gives you that possibility!



The DropEditor page includes new import and export tools, allowing you to take backups of styles and profiles, and later on import them back into your Joomla! website.

To start the export procedure, choose whether you want to take a backup of your custom styles, or your profiles. If you choose the latter, you can select any or all profiles, allowing you to export them en masse, rather than one-by-one. Finally, run the export tool to download the backup files.



In order to import the exported files, simply click on the file picker and choose the file that you want to import. If you want to override existing styles with the same class names, you can tick the next option before running the importer.

It’s no secret - hyperlinks enrich your content; outgoing links allow users to gather external information, and internal links boost your Joomla! website’s SEO and help you retain users. With DropEditor, hyperlinks have become even richer, and the new exportation tools allow you to make sure you never lose any of your hard-earned configurations!

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