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Improved Cache Management with Speed Cache 2.0

Improved Cache Management with Speed Cache 2.0

Caching pages and files on your Joomla! website allows you to serve your users content that is used regularly at lightning-fast speeds. Speed Cache is the Joomla! component that allows you to achieve this, and its new major release packs a punch.


Speed Cache Adopts Material Design

First and foremost, Speed Cache 2.0 for Joomla! has a brand new look. The new material design is easy on the eyes and makes it easier to find what you’re looking. Fear not, however - all features are still included, and many have also been upgraded!

The most important features of the Joomla! component are grouped together in the dashboard, helping you to stay on top of your website’s status at all time. Among others, the dashboard alerts you if you are using an outdated PHP version, or if caching can be improved.



If you’ve recently made big changes to your Joomla! website, you’ll appreciate a handy new tool on your dashboard. In fact, Speed Cache 2.0 allows you to clear all of your website’s cache with just one click in your dashboard. The main dashboard comes with a new clear all caches button, and on other pages you can clear all cache from the top of the page.


Automated Configuration Options

The backend of Speed Cache has also been boosted, allowing you to improve your workflow and save time. Thus, for example, in the configuration you’ll now find tools to automate the caching process.



For starters, in the parameters tab you can choose to automatically add all new menu items to the cache registry, in case you forget to add them manually. Moreover, you can also set the cache to be cleared when a frontend action is confirmed. This includes publishing and saving items, among other actions. From the default values tab, on the other hand, you can now opt to preload cache per user.


URL Cache Management

Speed Cache also allows you to include URLs to cache. The Joomla! plugin’s latest release comes with provisions to exclude certain pages, for example if they’re prone to changes. To exclude URLs from cache, press the manage cached pages button in your dashboard and head to the cache URL exclusion tab.



From the new button, you can enter a URL to remove it from the caching process. As always, remember to save changes before exiting! What if you want to include a set of URLs?

Speed Cache 2.0 now comes with provisions to include or exclude groups of URLs, rather than single pages. And the good news is that the process is exactly the same, and follows rules you might already know how to construct - regular expressions!

When including or excluding URLs, you’ll be able to create rules made up of regular expressions to manage groups of pages. This comes in handy if, for example, you want to ignore a particular category of pages; instead of adding them one by one, you can skip the whole process and exclude the whole category.



To create a new regular expression rule, head to the URL cache exclusion rules or URL cache inclusion rules, depending on what action you’re after. Then, click the new button and write the regular expression rule.

The URL cache management system has also been improved for enhanced navigation and more clarity. Thanks to a new pagination system, your screen is bound to be less cluttered!


Asset Minification

Finally, asset minification allows you to diminish your file sizes while retaining the same functionality. In Speed Cache, the assets in question are JavaScript, CSS and fonts, and the new version of the component comes with improved functionality in this regard.



The Speed Cache dashboard includes a new button in version 2.0 - file minification. From this page, you can choose to minify files based on their type. No longer will you minify a file by mistake!

Improving your website’s loading times is no simple process. Speed Cache gives you the keys to tweaking your Joomla! website’s behavior in order to perfect it for your users. And now, with an overhauled look, you can do it from the comfort of your beautiful new hub!


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