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File versioning, Event Analytics & Previews in WordPress File Download

File versioning, Event Analytics & Previews in WordPress File Download

The latest updates to WordPress File Download cater both to end users and administrators. In the new releases we are proudly unveiling previewing features for common file and media formats, and additional administration tools for insights and version control.

One-Click file versioning

If you often find yourself needing to go back to older versions of your files, then we have great news - rolling back versions just got much easier with WordPress File Download. The new update brings with it a new capability of restoring older versions with just a single click.




Uploading a new version is as simple as selecting the older file from the file manager, and then drag-and-dropping the new one in the bottom-right corner. To roll back to an earlier version, simply click the reload button next to the file you want to restore and then confirm that you want to reload it.
Not sure which version to go back to? The dates next to files don’t just indicate when the previous versions were uploaded, but may be clicked to download the file and check it out before rolling back to it.


File previewing

The latest version of WordPress File Download doesn’t just facilitate your work, but it also brings more comfort to your users. Today’s updates provide new functionality for users to preview files before downloading them, which comes in particularly handy if you’re hosting large files and want to spare your users having to download them to see them.
Whenever a user clicks on a file, they are prompted to either download or preview it in a clean environment that is based on Google’s document previewing system.




This feature is not limited to just documents and pictures. In fact, one of the other main additions to WordPress File Download is a media player for music and videos. Moreover, the process is exactly the same as before!




You can change the previewing mode, or disable it altogether, from your WordPress File Download configuration tab. This includes not only how file previews are handled - whether within the same window or a new tab - but also which file formats to allow users to preview.




Download Tracking with Google Analytics

If you want more information about how users deal with your files, we’ve got great news - WordPress File Download now also lets you get more detailed insights about your files! With the latest version, Google Analytics may provide you with statistics and additional metrics about how many people previewed and downloaded your files.




If you have Google Analytics integrated into your WordPress website, all you have to do is enable GA download tracking. These event metrics can be seen from the Events section under the Behavior tab in the left sidebar of your Google Analytics page.

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Friday, October 15 2021

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