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Extend your Library with WP Media Folder Addon

Extend your Library with WP Media Folder Addon

WP Media Folder is a great tool to organize your WordPress media library into folders, allowing you to carefully segregate your content into directories. This is perfect if your website is heavy on multimedia content, but sometimes storing pictures and others files on third-party cloud services - such as Google Drive and Dropbox - is the more comfortable option.

The new WP Media Folder Addon is an extension to the WP Media Folder plugin that allows you to insert files directly from the Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services. What’s more, the feature-rich WP Media Folder Addon also comes with the ability to embed PDF files right into your WordPress website!


Google Drive and Dropbox Synchronization

In order to synchronize your media library with your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts, it’s first necessary to set up the synchronization. Once that is set up, all that is left is inserting the content from the cloud services into your WordPress posts or pages.



When inserting media, you’ll notice two new options on the left of the popup box. The first one allows you to insert content from Google Drive, and just below it is the option to use your Dropbox account instead.



Upon selecting your preferred service, two other options will present themselves alongside the actual media content on the cloud websites. The first option allows you to insert the files directory into your WordPress post or page. This will leave no trace of the files on your server, but will instead use the original content as stored on Google Drive or on Dropbox.



The second option is to import the content into your WordPress website’s server, effectively making a copy of the file. With this option, you won’t have to worry about dead links if you have to delete the original content from Google Drive or Dropbox.

In order to follow through with this, simply select the local folder to use for storing the file, select the media to insert, and you’re good to go! Your files are safely stored on your server, and you can have them accompany your WordPress content with ease of mind.


Embedding PDF Files

Making files available on your website is the perfect way to extend your WordPress website’s offering. PDFs are made to be read, and the last addition to the WP Media Folder Addon ensures just that.


With the current version, your WordPress users don’t have to waste any time downloading files before opening them. Instead, it’s possible to embed the PDF files directly on your website. This comes with page navigation, a responsive design and full previews.

To embed a PDF in the WordPress post or page editor, select the document that you want to display from your server, or from Google Drive or Dropbox. Then, select the embedding option, and insert the file... It’s that simple!



Making your website as accessible as possible should be one of the ultimate goals of any WordPress developer. The host of new changes that the WP Media Folder Addon brings to the table don’t just achieve that with embeddable PDF files.
The new synchronization options make updating your WordPress website a breeze, not just with local files, but also remote files. Sharing is caring, so go ahead and open the file floodgate!

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Sunday, November 28 2021

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