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Dropfiles Notifications Now in Your Inbox!

Dropfiles Notifications Now in Your Inbox!

Joomla’s file manager - Dropfiles - is a great tool to stay on top of the files and folders on your website with ease. Now, a brand new update has just arrived for Dropfiles, allowing you to keep an eye on your files from afar, and to customize your Joomla experience even more. In fact, among others, the new features in Dropfiles 4.1 include email notifications, custom icons and more.


When managing a large website with several editors and authors, there’s no telling who is managing files. Realistically, keeping tabs on what is happening on your Joomla! website and its files can be not just tedious, but borderline-impossible.

Dropfiles 4.1 eliminates the need for you to manually-check what files have been modified, and allows you to get updates right in your inbox. The new notification system can be accessed from the Dropfiles configuration. In this tab, you can set up the notifications just the way you want them... literally!



Firstly, you can customize the name and email of the notification sender. These are the details that will appear in emails when you receive a notification. Next up, you can decide who receives notifications.

You can choose to send emails to category owners, file owners and the super owners. Best of all, different combinations are possible, so you can send the same notification to all of these groups simultaneously!

The actual notifications can also be modified. There are four instances in which Dropfiles may send notifications - on file creation, modification, deletion and download. You can disable any category of notifications, and if you enable them, you may specify the email’s subject and any additional recipients.



And if you want to further imprint your brand, then Dropfiles also allows you to modify the email’s body. You can change anything in the email’s template - from backgrounds to the text and everything in-between - and there is also in-built support for tags that add dynamic information about the files to the email.


Custom Thumbnails & Media Preview Update

Some files, such as text files, do not have a thumbnail. If you’d like to highlight some files with thumbnails, it is now possible thanks to custom icons. The first step is enabling custom thumbnails from the Dropfiles configuration.



Naturally, the next step is finding the file whose icon you want to change. You can select any image you want to serve as the thumbnail, insert it and save the changes.



When you next head to the file browser, you will notice that the file will have the image you picked as the thumbnail, instead of the generic icon. Quick and easy!



Finally, Dropfiles’ preview feature has also seen an update in the latest version. The small update adds a close button in media previews, facilitating the user experience. Naturally, pressing this button closes the preview and allows you to resume browsing files.



There’s nothing like customizing your website and improving user experience to further your brand! And with Dropfiles file management a breeze, there’s no reason not to update to Dropfiles 4.1!

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Monday, January 24 2022

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