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Dropfiles discover a new way to manage files in Joomla

Dropfiles discover a new way to manage files in Joomla

We've recently launched Dropfiles, witch is in our opinion the easiest way to manage files in Joomla.
The main idea is to manage files with less click as possible. For example you're able to update your files in 3 click, I mean really 3 clicks! You just open an article, click on the Dropfiles button, drag a file to update it, already done!

The main idea of the component is to focus on the main actions you're doing when you manage files: send files, categorize them, update them, determine access level.

If you're a Droppics user, the UX of dropfiles will be familiar to you. The main idea is to manage all files from your favorite editor.

1. Drag'n drop files in the center part

2. Manage your categories and sub categories and Joomla access level

3. Insert single file or category of files. Navigation in file categories is in AJAX.

And of course with our extension, nice theme are embedded by default ;)





Dropfiles 1.2 with files importer
Check our presentations at J&Beyond 2013


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Tuesday, October 19 2021

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