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Dropfiles 2, a powerful file manager


It's been a lot of work but it's out! Dropfiles 2 brings a lot of possibilities to manage your files in your Joomla installation.
Drastic backend enhancement, powerful access right, SEF file URL, Google Drive integration,...
Let see that in details.


 The feature list of this new version

  • Google Drive integration (more details in the next blog post)
  • Apply theme per category: one of the 4 themes available can be applied on each category
  • Joomla backend ordering with drag'n drop: find your data easily even in a massive amount of files
  • Frontend/backend ordering by type, title, description, size, date, version & hit: order files on backend, apply for fronend in one click
  • Redesigned backend UX: more compact to manage more files
  • File update backup (versionning): previous version of file is stored and available to be re-downloaded
  • Column display filter: configure the column display in backend (type, version,...)
  • Joomla ACL integration enhancement to limit access by group and action: limit access to files using Joomla access level for public user
    and file access for admin. You can define that administrator can only manage their own files.
  • Google drive viewer: preview your files with the Google preview power
  • SEO URL respecting the path to files with prefix configuration: now all your file name, folder and prefix are in URL's
  • Load category accordion open or closed by default: this is a UX enhancement allows you to load file category accordion open/closed by default
  • Update notification in backend: receive a dropfiles update notification with an option to hide it for a week or to disable it
  • Joomla search plugin: search file in your Joomla content
  • Allow HTML in file description field
  • Load back the current dropfiles category by clicking on editor button: click on a single file or on a category in you article then on Dropfiles button,
    the selected element will be loaded automatically in the Dropfiles lightbox
  • Set the server max_upload to the server max value by default
  • Possibility to change the php download function


How can I update?

Just install the 2.0 version and the theme pack over the old (don't uninstall unless you want to clean all your data)


Video demo


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