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Diving into Databases with Droptables

Diving into Databases with Droptables

Databases are not just a means to store data. In the right hands, databases are a treasure trove of information. They contain the numbers behind the content that you serve to your users, and a peek into the lives of your audience and user behavior. Thus, it makes sense to not only display this data, but to analyze and interpret it. Now, the updated Joomla! Droptables extension allows you achieve this with the data at your fingertips

Droptables is your go-to extension to display data in an intuitive manner on your Joomla! website. By organizing data in tables, it allows your audience to interpret the data with ease. Now, Droptables also allows to construct tables from the data in your website’s database, and display them in easy-to-understand charts.


Database Tables

Database tables function exactly like any other table created by Droptables. The only difference is that they import existing data from your databases, thus allowing you to focus on what matters most - interpreting their content.

Droptables’ newest addition is not just useful to webmasters, but also smart. Database tables are styled and filtered automatically. Moreover, you do not have to worry about updating the data yourself. In fact, as the content changes in your database, the tables update on their own.

Database tables are separated from normal tables in the backend to eliminate confusion. New database tables can be created by pressing the add new table button beneath the tables from database section in the sidebar.



You can use any table from your database with Droptables. In addition, the update allows you to choose what columns to display, and to filter, group and sort the data in tables.

Once you have chosen a table, you can select any combination of columns to show in the final table. Since table names may not be descriptive, Droptables allows you to rename columns. This ensures that your Joomla! users can not only see, but also understand the data that is presented to them.



In some cases, ordering data can also prove to be a fruitful decision. Ordering data ensures that priority is given to rows with valuable information, thus helping users figure out what is most important.

Droptables not only comes with provisions to this end, but also allows you to tweak tables. For instance, the Joomla! extension allows you to filter out irrelevant data, group similar rows, and paginate values.

Once you are finished, preview the table to ensure that the data is as intended. If you are satisfied, create the table and get ready to share your data!


Database Charts

If there is one thing that is more expressive than numbers, it has to be pictures. In particular, charts allow you to visualize data in a way that is more intuitive, allowing you to highlight the results that truly matter in the best possible way.

Charts are not new to Joomla!’s Droptables, but now they can also be used with database tables. Moreover, the process is the same as it has always been!



First of all, highlight some columns, one of which is made up only of numbers. Then, press the add a new chart button to visualize your data. You can use all of the pre-existing chart types with database tables, including bar charts and pie charts.


JU Translations

One final introduction to Joomla!’s Droptables is the integration of the JU Translations with the extension. JU Translations is a tool for WordPress and Joomla! extensions that allows you to translate and maintain your components’ languages.



JU Translations is accessible from the Droptables’ configuration page. From the translations tab you can install, update or tweak translation files, among other options.

Raw numbers can be difficult to access and interpret. Droptables allows you to display them in tables for easier interpretation. And if that still does not do the trick, you can illustrate your points with charts, because there is no obstacle too great to overcome.

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Thanks, found this useful.

Thanks, found this useful.
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