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Colorizing WordPress with WP Smart Editor

Last week, we took a look at some of the basic functionality of WP Smart Editor - JoomUnited’s latest new offering for WordPress. We stopped at profile management and the basics of the WordPress plugin, but a smart editor is much more than that. Above all, WP Smart Editor is concerned with the new possibilities that it offers.
Beyond the custom editor profiles, light plugins and developer facilities, WP Smart Editor also ships with tools that allow you to enrich the posts themselves. In fact, files, images and videos are only a starting point when you are writing a WordPress post or setting up a page, and additional tools are simply a necessity.

Custom Buttons

Buttons command attention. A universal symbol for action, buttons allow you to capture your readers’ attention. WordPress itself does not offer the possibility of creating buttons natively, but WP Smart Editor has come to the rescue!
Buttons are just one of the offerings that are accessible from the editor profiles, offering your content creators and WordPress authors the possibility of creating and editing buttons with unprecedented control. In fact, when inserting a button, you can define just about anything in three, neatly-organized categories.
The first expandable area allows you to define the button’s text and basic color scheme. In addition, it also allows you to define a URL that is opened when users click on your button. Next, the box and border expandable area allows you to define the spacing around your buttons and border styling. Finally, the hover area allows you to define how the button’s style changes when the cursor is hovering over it.
Once you’re done, you can do one of two things. Firstly, you can insert the button directly into the post or page. Secondly, you can save the button for future use. Once you have saved a button, you can either insert it directly, delete it, or edit it before inserting it into the post or updating it.

Bullets and Columns

WP Smart Editor has also introduced easily-styleable bullet lists, allowing you to personalize your WordPress lists. The bullet list manager can be accessed right from your toolbar, allowing you to chose the font’s size, spacing and other style attributes. Similarly to custom buttons, you can also save bullet lists for future use, but why stop there when personalizing your WordPress website?
Giving your WordPress website an edge can also mean changing the layout completely. To this end, WP Smart Editor’s new column layout allows you to give your WordPress posts and pages a unique, newspaper or magazine feel with the press of a button, and without having to write a single line of code!
To start off, press the columns manager button in your toolbar and choose a layout. You can pick a ready-made layout with as many as five columns, or create one from scratch by adding columns manually. In any case, you can shape your columns any way you like by moving the handles around. On the other hand, padding can be used to give your text some breathing space. When you’re ready, just insert your columns and start writing!

Short and Sweet

Have you ever started reading an article, and halfway searching for a specific chapter? The Summaries is a great way to save your readers the trouble of having to read through a whole article to gauge their interest. It's based on your article title strucrure (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3...) and can be update in one click.
WP Smart Editor also comes with a host of new features that you can add and remove at a moment’s notice. For starters, you can organize longer articles by using anchors - allowing you to create links to different parts in your articles. You can also add the preview, help and print buttons to have them ready at your fingertips, and introduce character styling, including superscript and subscript tools.
Other options also allow you to manage text, with search and replace functions, paragraph tags and different text direction options. Finally, you can also add font and paragraph styling facilities.
With WP Smart Editor, WordPress is a blank canvas. Indeed, the latest offering by JoomUnited is full of new quirks waiting to be discovered; from personalized posts to custom editor profiles, WP Smart Editor is a sandbox for your experimentation. So go forth, and make your WordPress website truly your own!
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Sunday, September 26 2021

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