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Better media management & Sync tool in WP Media Folder


New updates have made it to WP Media Folder! The latest additions aim to make it easier for you to track progress on processes affecting your media library, but also introduce new compatibility and sorting options, alongside new synchronization possibilities.

Folder Thumbnails

Recently, folder thumbnails were introduced to WP Media Folder, giving you new possibilities to better represent your folders. Building on top of this, the latest version of WP Media Folder allows the possibility of regenerating all of your thumbnails straight from the settings page.



This refreshes all the folder covers in your media library, and best of all, you can view the regeneration progress as they are updated. All of this happens without having to refresh the page, and the process can update as many folder thumbnails as necessary, without incurring the risk of a server timeout.



FTP Uploading & Sync

One of WP Media Folder’s features allows you to import media from any folder on your server straight from your administration panel. Similarly to the folder thumbnails, importing media from FTP now also shows progress, alerting you when all uploads are finished.



All you have to do to enable this is head to the FTP import tab in your WP Media Folder’s settings page, select the folder you want to import and start the process by pressing the Import Folder button. As was the case with regenerating folder thumbnails, this all happens in real-time, so you can track all your process without having to refresh the page or check manually.



Say, however, that you have just copied a folder, but you plan on regularly adding new media files to the original directory. What better to keep it up-to-date than with synchronized folders? The process is relatively simple, and is particularly useful if you regularly upload files and don’t want to have to upload them twice to different folders.



In order to set up a synchronized folder, take the usual route through WP Media Folder’s settings page to the Sync external media tab. From here, you can select the source folder on the left, and the synchronized folder on the right. In simple words, anything you put in the source folder will be mirrored in the destination folder!



Keep in mind that you can choose different pairs of synchronized folders with WP Media Folder. Therefore, each time, choose a source folder and a destination folder, and press the Add button to register the change. The new pair will be shown at the bottom of the page, and pairs of synchronized directories may be removed by checking them, and pressing the Delete button.



From this page, you can also specify the number of minutes to wait before the folder is synchronized. This comes in useful if you prefer to filter through your own files and delete some after uploading them, or in case that you mistakenly upload an incorrect file. When you are satisfied, you can activate the synchronization from the top of the page, and save the changes.



Sorting Options & DIVI Compatibility

WP Media Folder isn’t just about organizing your media better, but also about giving you easier access to the files that you need. The latest update provides new sorting options in your folders in the form of title and date sorting. In the two cases, sorting permits both ascending and descending orders.



Using title sorting might be useful if you know what the name of the file you want to insert or modify is. On the other hand, if the file that you want to use has been uploaded recently, you may use date sorting for better access. Lastly, there is good news in store for you if you consider yourself to be a Divi power user. As from the latest version, WP Media Folder is compatible with Divi when it comes to galleries and images. And the process couldn’t be any easier!



To insert a gallery or an image using WP Media Folder, simply switch to the Divi Builder when creating a post or a page. When adding a new module, select either the gallery or image options. In the former case, to use WP Media Folder with Divi, select Update Gallery, and if you want to insert a single image, select Upload an Image. It’s that simple!



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Wednesday, June 23 2021

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