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Backend and Frontend Boosts in Droppics!

Backend and Frontend Boosts in Droppics!

Droppics 2.4 for Joomla! has finally arrived! From changes to how administrators deal with the backend, to improvements to the workflow of content editors, the latest version of Droppics comes with a slew of new features. Most importantly, it brings with it something for just about every Dropics user!


The first thing you’ll notice when logging into your backend is a revamped layout with a brand new masonry theme. The refreshing look ensures that as many images as possible are at your fingertips. However, to get to the most significant changes, you have to dig deeper!



As from the latest version, it is possible to assign default parameters to single images, ensuring that any pictures you add conform to your website’s style. This removes the hassle of having to assign parameters, such as styling options, every time you insert a single image.



Tweaking the default settings is as easy as heading to the configuration page, and then navigating to the single image tab. Simply update the parameters, save changes and head back to creating great content!

Copying and moving files are two basic operations present in most file managers. Now they are also available in Droppics, allowing you to manage your Joomla! website’s files with unprecedented ease!



The process to copy or move a file is quick and easy, ensuring you waste no time managing your gallery. After selecting an image, press the cut or copy buttons, depending on whether you want to move or create a duplicate of the file. Then, navigate to the new gallery and press the paste button.

Another new addition to Droppics makes it more convenient to keep track of new images on your Joomla! website. The new option allows you to arrange images so that newer ones gain more prominence by being displayed on top in the administration panel.



In order to turn this option on, head to the main parameters tab and toggle the new image on top (admin) parameter. However, Droppics 2.4 does not stop at just new backend options. Indeed, the new version also delves into an improved front-end for content creators and users.



One of the newer features in Droppics is aimed at anyone viewing or interacting with galleries. New sorting options allow Joomla! users and content creators to sort images based on different metrics, such as upload date and filename.



This new feature allows more flexibility when dealing with galleries. It is possible, for example, to keep on top of new uploads by sorting images in descending order of upload dates. Moreover, sorting is directly integrated with galleries, and the order can be changed at any time.

Finally, content editors will be glad to hear that Droppics’ frontend is now smarter when you’re creating articles or pages for your Joomla! website. In fact, Droppics will remember what gallery you had been using, and open it up the next time you open the component for new additions!

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Saturday, November 27 2021

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