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Automating Your Workflow with WP Media Folder 4.1

Automating Your Workflow with WP Media Folder 4.1

Managing your WordPress website’s image gallery can be a chore, especially as your website grows. JoomUnited’s WP Media Folder makes it easier for you to stay on top of the images and other files uploaded by contributors. Now, a new version of the WordPress plugin has arrived and it heralds new automation tasks aimed at making your job even easier.

Automatic Renaming and Synchronization

Naming conventions are very popular and common; they ensure that file names are indicative of their content, and streamline searches and management within companies. If you or your band have your own naming conventions, then WP Media Folder 4.1 is for you.

In fact, a new feature that has been introduced to WP Media Folder allows you to define a pattern for filenames. When new files are uploaded, their filenames are adjusted according to this pattern. The WordPress plugin is now also capable of unifying filenames further by applying different capitalization schemes.

From this page, you can also choose to automatically remove certain special characters, such as hyphens and underscores, from filenames. Furthermore, seeing as by default, images do not have alternative text, captions or descriptions, WP Media Folder also comes with a new option to copy file titles into these fields.



To manage all these settings, navigate to the files & folders tab in the WP Media Folder settings page. First of all, remember to activate media renaming. Then, you can play around with the different settings until you find a scheme that you’re comfortable with. Remember to save changes to apply your new automated renaming.

Another means of automation in WP Media Folder is the synchronization feature. Through this option, you can ensure that when a file is uploaded to an external folder, your WordPress media library is updated accordingly. The latest version, however, also allows you to activate synchronization the other way round.

Two-way synchronization works exactly like you’re used to, with one slight difference. With this feature enabled, when you make a change in your WordPress media library, it is also reflected in the external folder.



The good news is that enabling it is as simple as switching on a single option in the sync external media tab in WP Media Folder’s settings. If you want to guard against mistakes, the delay option is your friend, giving you time to retract your steps if you misclick.


Multiple Folders for Media

Finally, why waste storage space? If you’ve ever had to upload the same files to multiple directories, then the last two features are meant for you. In fact, WP Media Folder 4.1 allows media folders to share the same files, thus saving you space on your server.

The concept is very simple in practice. When you upload a new file, you can choose to have it belong to multiple folders. The same file is then available in the folders that you choose, with no difference whatsoever.



To mirror a single file, click on the media in question, and click on the media folders selection to change its membership. From the folder tree, you can choose as many directories as you want. Once you’re satisfied, click on apply to save changes.

If the feature is slightly late and you want to apply this change on older files, WP Media Folder also caters to you. In fact, you might have noticed the bulk select button in your WordPress media library.



As the name implies, this option allows you to select multiple files from among your media library. You can select as many files as you want, and once you’re done, you can mirror all of those files in different media folders at one go like before!

Automation is where speed is. WP Media Folder’s newest update allows you to save even more time when administering your media library. Instead, you can focus more on what truly matters - your WordPress website’s content.

Get WP Media Folder plugin here: https://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-products/wp-media-folder


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