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If you are reading this, then odds are that you have taken your brand digital. Going digital does not only bring you closer to your customers. More than that, going digital brings you a whole new world of possibilities, quite literally.

There are few better ways to improve engagement than by catering your content to your WordPress visitors. Making it easier for your readership to interact your website makes the whole experience better, and what better way to achieve that than by providing translations? 


Multilingual WordPress

WP Latest Posts makes it easier for your blog’s readers to catch up on posts - a handy tool that displays your most recent content in a simple list. The WordPress plugin has recently received an update that allows you to use it seamlessly on multilingual websites. Best of all, it is completely integrated with Polylang.

Polylang is one of the most popular solutions to take WordPress into multilingual territory. The WordPress plugin lets you cater to foreign users by offering different versions of your website in various languages. This applies not only to posts, but also to pages.



With Polylang, WP Latest Posts retains the same formula, but it allows you to create so-called blocks that use content only from a particular language. For example, you can create a WP Latest Posts block for recent English articles, and an identical one that uses only blog posts in French.

The 4.2 update of WP Latest Posts automatically detects Polylang if it is installed and activated on your WordPress blog. Subsequently, when creating a Latest Posts block, you will be asked to choose the language to use with that particular block.



And that’s it - really! The rest of the process is identical to before. You will be asked to choose what content to display in the block, and any other filtering and styling options. WP Latest Posts takes care of the rest - it automatically finds the version of the content in your chosen language, and only displays those items.

A good webmaster has all the bases covered, and with the latest update, WP Latest Posts is your best friend. With multilingual support, WP Latest Posts helps you tailor your content for every user that visits your WordPress blog. So go fully digital and reach the whole world with WP Latest Posts!

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Monday, October 25 2021

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