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Analyzing SEO Strategies with Email Reports

Analyzing SEO Strategies with Email Reports

Search engine optimization is a continuous and massively important process. However, it can also be a rewarding experience when it successful drives new clients to your WordPress website. WP Meta SEO already allows you to keep track of your SEO efforts and the results, but a new feature will bring them straight to your inbox.



The new version of WP Meta SEO comes with a new feature - email reports. Email reports can include a variety of information about your WordPress website, including changes to content and data straight from Google Analytics. Moreover, the novel introduction is highly customizable, allowing you to toy around to your heart’s content!


Sending Reports

The first question that would have popped into your mind is who to send emails to. Different members in the team may be interested in the website’s SEO progression, including the website’s administrator, the marketing team, and the client themselves. Still scratching your head about who to send it to? WP Meta SEO allows you to send emails to as many people as you’d like!

Reports can be sent, or scheduled, from the email report tab underneath the WP Meta SEO menu. Start off by inputting a valid email address that will send the email reports. Then, proceed to choose a subject for the report.



Email reports can either be sent periodically, or once. If you choose to schedule emails to be sent every month, for example, you can also choose the frequency. This makes it easier to define your own granularity if, for instance, weekly reports would be too frequent, but receiving them once a month is not enough.

If you’re unsure who to send the email reports to, or you’d like to include multiple recipients, you can define a list of emails separated by a comma. Once an email is sent, every recipient receives a copy of the same report.



Just beneath, you can add a personalized message. This comes in useful if your client is not familiar with SEO, and you want to give them some pointers. If you have WP File Download, you can even insert a file into the message.



At the bottom, you can define what the email reports should contain. Adding any of the possible components is as simple as ticking the metrics that you want to include. Among others, WP Meta SEO allows you to include meta and image information, and link data.


Google Analytics and Reports

Including information about your WordPress website’s SEO status is great news for any webmaster. Why stop there, however, when you can analyze the results directly in your inbox?

WP Meta SEO is fully-integrated with Google Analytics, and so are the email reports. In fact, you can enrich your email reports by including Google Analytics metrics.
In WP Meta SEO, this data is defined as pairs of time periods and the actual metric that you want to include. This can be thought of as the direct results of your WordPress website’s SEO strategy, and is thus perfectly suited to accompany your reports.



You can define as many analytics views as you want, and WP Meta SEO will embed the results in the reports, delivering more comprehensive emails. Once you select a timeframe and the information to include, add a new analytics view and save the report.

When you’re happy with the report that you’ve built, you can send it right away. This allows you to test the report before scheduling it for regular delivery. Once you’re satisfied, you can save the report to have it send as intended.


Email Settings

In some cases, you may want to send emails in bulk. Alternatively, you could be looking to avoid certain spam filters. If that is the case, WP Meta SEO has got you covered!



A new tab - send email - has appeared in the WP Meta SEO Settings page. From this page, you can configure your SMTP server to suit your needs. After all, what good is an email if your recipients never get it?

Evaluating your SEO strategy is invaluable to improving it. WP Meta SEO’s latest update doesn’t just collect all the results in one place. Now, you can get them delivered straight to your inbox!

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