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Acymailing partnership and coupon

Acymailing partnership and coupon

We would like to introduce a new partner of JoomUnited: Acyba and Acymailing extension.

Acymailing is the most popular Joomla Emailing solution. They also provide a SMS extension.


Acymailing can schedule your Newsletters while you are away, secure your subscription form with a captcha, automatically send a welcome message to your users... Since 2013, they also have AcySMS, a solution for your SMS campaigns. Our extension Droppics, Dropfiles and Droptables provide editor button to manage the content. This content can be added in your Acymailing newsletters.


Our customer will get 15% OFF on Acymailing memberships. If you're already JoomUnited member go to our partner page.


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Monday, August 08 2022

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