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A Smarter Editor Lands on WordPress


Whether your livelihood depends on writing, or you’re a hobbyist blogger, it stands to reason that you demand only the best tools when it comes to blogging. To this end, WP Smart Editor is the latest proud offering of JoomUnited for WordPress - a state-of-the-art, free text editor that comes with just the right tools to facilitate your job.
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WP Smart Editor is not just tied to text editing, but comes with other tools, such as user profiles, aimed at reducing WordPress control to a press of a switch. This mechanism is also in place for editor tools, including WP Table Manager and WP File Download, allowing you to toggle them with unprecedented ease. In short, WP Smart Editor is a rich-text editor that is as complex or simple as you want it to be, so let’s dive in!


Profile Management

WordPress ships with user profiles, such as the Administrator and Editor roles. However, WP Smart Editor goes a step farther with its own profile management system, allowing you to hide certain tools for custom user groups.

Profile management is available from the Editor Profiles page under the WP Smart Editor menu. Profiles can be created, removed or edited right from this page, and provide two distinct facilities - editor toolbars and profile attribution. Before that, however, choose a name for your profile, which helps you distinguish between other models.



The Editor Toolbars page allows you to modify the tools that are available to your user group. First, you can change what kind of editing options are available to users by modifying the toolbars. These toolbars are split into two sections - the first one includes tools that are available to users, and the second contains those that you want to withhold.

You can drag and drop individual tools from one toolbar to the other, or switch the order of toolbars and tools altogether. Among others, the second set of toolbars contain additional capabilities linked with fonts and formatting, paragraph and text styles, and other post or page functionalities, such as printing and previewing. When in doubt, hovering on each item yields a helpful tooltip.

Just below, you can also toggle the availability of two other JoomUnited plugins that are bundled with WP Smart Editor. The former is WP File Download, whereas the latter is WP Table Manager, both of which are light versions in WP Smart Editor.



Having set up the behavior of the profile, the next step is to assign the profile to a set of users. This can be done from the Profile Attribution tab, and allows you select users individually, or WordPress user groups. Once you’re done, remember to save the changes.



WP Smart Editor also comes packing a punch under the hood. In fact, if you like to add a personal touch to pages and posts, the configuration page is tailored specifically for you! The configuration page is aimed specifically at developers, and allows you to spice up and personalize the HTML editor for pages and posts, and the theme editor.



In the configuration tab, you can firstly choose to hide paragraph tags. Next, you can also toggle syntax highlighting for the HTML editor and the theme editor. And the best news is that you can even define your own style!

You can create or edit your own styles from the custom styles tab, which houses as many themes as you want. Each style must have a unique title, but there’s very little you cannot do with styling if you know CSS!



As you type, the example of the text on the right will update automatically. Moreover, if you get stuck, or can’t remember a particular elusive CSS attribute, WP Smart Editor has got your back - simply press CTRL + space to get a list of autocomplete suggestions! In the last tab - translation tools - you can choose to install additional language packs for your WordPress plugins.


Light Plugins

WP Smart Editor comes with two light plugins to complement your editor - WP Table Manager and WP File Download. The former is a tool that allows you to manage tables on WordPress with ease, which is not possible by default. The latter is part of another, bigger plugin by JoomUnited, and permits file management on WordPress. Naturally, these plugins are only shown to those profiles that have access to them. What do the light versions comprise?

WP Table Manager light allows you to create tables normally. However, you cannot group tables in categories. Moreover, the light version includes one theme, but the WordPress plugin allows you change the fonts, borders and cell sizes.



Similarly, WP File Download light does not allow you to group files by categories, and does not permit the modification of multiple times simultaneously. Similarly to WP Table Manager, only one theme is available, and excludes statistics and configurations for user roles. However, additional file features can be accessed by clicking on individual files!

All things considered, WP Smart Editor is a WordPress plugin that is more than just an editor. From plugins that help you diversify your posts to tools that allow you to personalize WordPress itself, you will be fully-equipped to write smashing articles. However, there’s even more to WP Smart Editor, so keep your eyes wide open!

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