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    WP Table manager

    WP Table Manager

    The table manager for WordPress

    WP Table Manager is the most advanced table manager for WordPress. Let's stop with HTML, do it like in a spreadsheet. Tons of features with 6 themes, charts, excel import/export...

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    WP File download

    WP File Download

    Powerful file manager for WordPress

    WP File Download brings a new way to manage files and documents in WordPress. Manage files and categories of files from editor, use the full-text search engine and Google Drive + Dropbox integrations

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    WP Media folder

    WP Media Folder

    Finally a tool to manage media in WordPress!

    Keep your WordPress media library classified and well organized: use WP Media Folder to organize all your media in different folders and subfolders. Comes with a gallery feature, Google Drive and Dropbox integation.

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    WP Meta SEO

    WP Meta SEO

    All you need to get the SEO rank you deserve

    WP Meta SEO got all the tools to manage: meta information, content SEO performance, redirect, XML/HTML sitemaps and Google Analytics. An understandable SEO tool with onpage content analysis.

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    WP Latest posts

    WP Latest Posts

    Latest post WordPress plugin

    Publish recent posts, pages, taged content, custom post type your own way using configurable themes. Our WordPress news plugin comes with 5 responsive themes, 100% WooCommerce and multisite.

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    WP Speed of Light box

    WP Speed of Light

    WP Speed of Light plugin

    WP Speed of Light is a WordPress speedup plugin and loading time testing. Cache system, Gzip compression, minify, group resources, database optimization tools

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    The table manager for joomla

    Droptables offers you the only way to manage tables and data in Joomla. Everything is managed from your editor: work like in an online spreadsheet, 6 themes, charts,...

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    A new image gallery for joomla

    Droppics introduce an easy way to manage gallery and images in Joomla. Everything is managed from your editor: multi-level galleries, themes, single images, image effects...

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    The feature rich free editor for Joomla

    DropEditor is a feature rich WYSIWYG editor for Joomla. It brings unique feature like columns, summary,... to the final user and advanced style edition for the webmaster.

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    A new style file manager for joomla

    Dropfiles brings a new way to manage files and documents in Joomla. Manage files and categories of files from editor with a full AJAX Ux + a Google Drive integration!

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    SEO Glossary

    SEO Glossary

    SEO friendly links made easy

    Get the most advanced glossary for joomla. With SEO Glossary it's easy to define one or billions of terms in your joomla content.

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    Social backlinks

    Social Backlinks

    Connect Joomla to Social Networks

    Social Backlinks Joomla extension allows you to automatically post your content on multiple social networks. It come with a lot of integrations.

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    Layer slideshow

    Layer Slideshow

    The easiest way to create layer slideshows

    Create a real professional slideshow in an easy way. Use our online library to play with transparent, clipping path images and text layers and create amazing layouts.

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    Team chart

    Team Chart

    The only flow chart manager for Joomla

    Team chart is a flow chart manager for Joomla. This unique extension allows you to build a team chart using drag'n drop with responsive design themes included.

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    Speed Cache home

    Speed Cache

    Joomla Speed Up extension

    Powerful static page caching, compatible with user sessions, a full browser cache system, cache preloading and a URL inclusion cache control. All you need to optimize Joomla speed.

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    Item rating

    Item rating

    The best rating and review extension

    Get the most advanced Joomla rating and review extension. Add a rating group, define criteria and let's write a review. Vote limitation, public rating integrated.

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    Linky Map

    Linky Map

    Designed Joomla vector maps

    Get the most advanced Joomla extension to display vector maps from Google Geochart. Add marker, region, tooltips, HTML, color and get the custom map you want.

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    My Maps location

    My Maps Location

    Search & display locations using Google Maps

    Get the most advanced Google integration for Joomla. Search and display your locations, filter data, apply restrictions to search queries. It comes with 3rd party integrations.

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    My Testimonials

    My Testimonials

    The Joomla testimonials manager

    My Testimonials is a Joomla extension that allows you to get clients testimonials and display them the way you want. It's fully integrated with Google Rich Snippet.

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    Tag Transform

    Tag transform

    Search & display locations using Google Maps

    Tag transform is a unique extension to display your Joomla native tags in a nice way. Display your tag as a menu, drop down accordion, drop down list & flat view and 3D view

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    Sponsorship Reward

    Sponsorship reward

    Search & display locations using Google Maps

    The main goal of Sponsorship Reward is to promote your website through Email invitations and rewards to gain the loyalty of your members, increase the size of your community and your reputation.

Last update : 01 Nov 2017

Version 3.2.6

Fix Fetch data from Google sheet
Fix English formatted number in charts (thousand separate by comma)

Version 3.2.5

Fix Null text is returned in empty cell

Version 3.2.4

Fix Table responsive issue
Fix ACL permission

Version 3.2.3

Fix Export all rows in table from database to Excel
Fix Display issue on mobile device
Fix Columns width parameter not applied

Version 3.2.2

Fix Translation button not clickable after language update
Fix CSS for modal based on Joomla 3.7

Version 3.2.1

Fix Pagination number not applied on database tables
Fix Max number of row incremented for large screens (admin side)

Version 3.2.0

Add Create tables from Joomla database (all tables from the database)
Add Automatic styling and filtering for database tables
Add Table automatic update on database incrementation
Add Database source: table, column, filters, define ordering and column custom name
Add Create chart from database table
Add JU translation implementation
Fix Multiple tables tablesorterPager
Fix Frontend style rendering

Version 3.1.3

Fix Color for dataset in chart only apply on 3 chats type
Fix Warning when display table imported from Excel file

Version 3.1.2

Fix Rename table issue
Fix Js error on Excel import (data only)

Version 3.1.1

Fix Language string missing

Version 3.1.0

Add Frontend menu to manage tables
Add User group ACL on tables, table edition action restriction
Add Hover color with a color picker selection for cell highlight

Version 3.0.0

Add Enhanced .xls Import/Export: possibility to Import/Export only data
Add Handle Excel styles on Import/Export: HTML link, font color, font size, cell background color, cell border
Add Spreadsheet data synchronization: Select an excel file on the server, fetch data and define a sync delay
Add Spreadsheet data synchronization: Select a Google Sheets, fetch data and define a sync delay
Add Notification when a file has an external sync to avoid data lost
Fix Vertical scrolling issue on large table
Fix Performance improvement on large table
Fix First time the tooltip is displayed it blinks (JS fix)

Version 2.3.2

Fix Display issue when show/hide admin left panel
Fix Calculation function on cell don't work on front-end

Version 2.3.1

Fix When height is freezed, you can't access to add line button
Fix Image are striped in tooltip

Version 2.3.0

Add Add tooltips on cells
Add Add line and column freezing
Add Add frontend table filtering

Version 2.2.0

Add Performance optimization, improve loading time and for big tables
Add Possibility to move a table from one category to another
Add Possibility to reorder tables in a category
Add CSS editor in a lightbox with codemirror integration
Add Possibility to disable the autosaving and use a save button

Version 2.1.0

Add Add JoomUnited updater
Add Add the possibility to load editor buttons in HTML cells
Add Choose witch editor button to load individually

Version 2.0.4

Fix fix delete multiple level categories

Version 2.0.3

Fix fix categories disappear after Jooml 3.4.7 update

Version 2.0.2

Add Left column retractable panel
Fix DropEditor compatibility
Fix Add manifest declaration for Joomla 3.4 menu admin listing
Fix Switch language comments to # to fit Joomla 3.4 requirement

Version 2.0.1

Add Better column filtering on iphone
Add Update import excel function - only import data area instead of all cells of the sheet

Version 2.0.0

Add Responsive feature with column hidding and priority
Add Chart feature based on chart.js
Add Cell merge
Add Add Excel import export
Add Excel export format choice in global options
Add Code mirror for css edition
Add Add col and row height
Add CSS interface enhancement

Version 1.1.0

Add WYSIWYG editor for HTML table cell format

Version 1.0.1

Add Field to resize lines and columns

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release