Features and integrations

Editor plugin: the editor plugin is a button displayed at the bottom of all WYSIWYG editors, it's used to call or manage a component content.

Install: the editor plugin will be installed by default with the extension.

One time billing vs. recurring payments:

There's no automatic recurring payment on JoomUnited. The 6 month or 1 year duration of the membership is for the plugin updates and the personal ticket support. After this period you'll be free to renew your licence with a 20% OFF on the initial price - or not. You'll still be able to use the latest version of the extension you got after the end of the subscription period.


Why is that?

One of the main time consuming task for us, is to maintain the plugin over time for WordPress/Joomla new versions and the support ticket for each user. That's why our membership prices are based on that. And we apply a 20% OFF on renew :)

Third party compatibility: our component is using content plugin called from any WYSIWYG editor. The major part of the Joomla extensions are calling content plugin.
It means the in most of the case you'll be able to add the extension content in the editor of a third party component.

Some additional themes are included with the extension package (no need to be purchased separately). You can apply themes from the extension configuration.
Themes are automatically installed with the extension.

The extension includes a dedicated plugin that allows you whether:

  • Load extension content in your editor field
  • Have a dedicated K2 content field