WP Smart Editor documentation


WP Smart Editor is a free text editor for WordPress that includes a file and a table manager. WP Smart Editor offer you and your clients a custom experience with the possibility of filtering the tools available per user role, or even per user. Furthermore, the plugin comes with time-saving tools, such as: A table manager, a file manager, a custom style editor, and buttons, bullet lists and summary tool among others.





1.1 Install

In order to install our plugin you should use standard WordPress installer or unzip and put all the folder in /wp-content/plugin.




Then click on activate plugin, to see WP Smart Editor menu appear on the WordPress left menu.

1.2 Update the plugin

In order to update the WP Smart Editor, you can use the WordPress default updater. You can also remove and install the new version from a .zip file downloaded on www.joomunited.com or wordpress.org. In any case you won’t lose any content because everything is database stored.




Be sure to always have the latest version to avoid security and stability problem.



2.1 Edition profiles

By using our plugin, you can create several profiles and link a set of edition tools to apply to this profile.
To set up your own profile you can use “Edit Profiles” point of “WP Smart Editor” menu. Choose one of the profiles and you will see profile configuration.




In the first tab you have instruments to customize your editor Use drag'n drop to select the tools you would like to be available.




To activate some of this tools you simply need to drag and drop a tool from section one to section two. In order to deactivate some of the tools in first line you just need to do the opposite. Drag it from section one to section two.
There you can activate and deactivate smart Table manager and Downloading manager that we provide instead of existent ones.

Once it's saved, the tools will be available in your editor.




And you can go to Post types and devices tab to choose which device or post types will be activated.




2.2 Configuration

At Configuration tab you can:




  • Display (p) tags: Display (p) and (br) tags in editor HTML view
  • Colored HTML code: Enable colored code for Post and Page HTML view
  • Colored Code: Enable colored code for Themes and Plugins editor

The WP Smart editor configuration allows to define custom CSS snippet that can be used in your editor and HTML tag options. To use custom styles, click on “Configuration” of the “WP Smart Editor” menu. There you should click on “Custom styles” tab.

You can Export and Import editor's profiles and custom styles with Import/Export button

To create a new style you should click “Add new class” button in the list of styles. You can edit you’re your CSS right in the Custom CSS field.



All the changes you do will be displayed in the left part of the page. They will be applied to the sting with “Example text”. The text above and under the string displays how your styles will look in the content of other elements.
After editing your custom style you should save it using “Save styles” button.
To apply a style to the element in editor you should select the element and choose a style from the dropdown list named “Custom styles”.  To make it default and delete all custom styles choose “Paragraph” option.






3.1 Column Manager

You can split the content area by using column manager.
It can create two, three, etc. columns that are equal. If you don’t need equal columns then resize it as you need. Click “Insert columns” button to add columns in the content.




After that you can just enter whatever you want directly in this columns. Their width will stay unchangeable and their height will fit to the highest element you insert in them.


3.2 Button Manager

You can create a button by clicking on “Add button” tool from Editor tools panel. There you have three tabs for text, liks and colors, for button box and for button view after it have been hovered. Use it to customize your button and text on it.



After customizing you can save your button to use it later. The Plus icon will insert the button again in the content, the Pen icon will edit the button style, the Trash icon will remove the saved button.




3.3 Bullet List Manager

To insert a bullet list you should click on bullet tool icon. In the page that will open you can select the icon of your list from dropdown menu, setup size and color of the icon and then save the bullet to use it again later.




After customizing you can save your list to re-use it later. The Plus icon will insert the bullet list again in the content, the Pen icon will edit the bullet list style, the Trash icon will remove the saved bullet list style.




3.4 Article summary

In your long WordPress post or page you need a tool to make automatic summary like in a Wikipedia article. The summary tool will help you to build and update automatic summaries based on your article title structure (h1, h2, h3 titles…).




After modification on the content you can update the summary by using the dropdown menu: Update summary


3.5 Search and Replace Function

To find or find and replace some pieces of text or code it’s much easy to use “Find and replace” function. To use it click on  Search/Replace button on the editor tools panel. Enter some text in first field. Click “Find” and it will find the next copy of the text you entered in the first field. If you click “Replace” button then it will replace this copy with the text from the second field. If you click “Replace all” button instead it will replace all the instances of the text you entered in the first field.




3.6 Tooltip manager

You can add tooltip for your text in a post.




3.7 Template manager

You can save all the layout of your content (HTML structure) in order to load it later. Then you can save or load template.




4.1 File Manager

You can enter the File manager buy clicking on button “WP File Download”. There you can manage uploaded file and insert them in the content of an article you crate or edit. To do so just click on the file you need to be inserted and then set up preference in the right part of the page and click Insert this file.




To edit a file, click back on it then on the WP File Download button. To delete any file from the server, click the trash icon in “Actions” column.




NOTE: A full version of the file manager is available here with file category, file access limitation, download statistics and more.


4.2 Table Manager


Table creation in WordPress editor require HTML/CSS knowledge and it's almost impossible to manage table for content redactor users. WP Smart Editor includes a light version of the powerful WP Table Manager plugin so you'll be able to create, manage, customize tables like if you are using Excel, from your editor.




In order to create a table you need to click on plus button with the text “New table”.  To add a row or column you should use the buttons in the right and bottom from the excel area.




To remove one of the rows or columns you should right click on the row or column and select the option you want from the context menu.




All the changes are saved automatically and almost instantly by our plugin. To insert a table in an article you should “WP Table Manager” button and choose the table you want to insert from the list in left part of the page and click “Insert this” green button in the right top corner of the page.

NOTE: A full version of the table manager is available here with Excel table Import/Export, Google Sheet synchronization, table charts and more.

Happy editing with Wp Smart Editor!



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