Sponsorship Reward documentation


The main goal of Sponsorship Reward is to promote your website through Email invitations and rewards attribution.




1.1 Install

Our component is Joomla 3.x compatible. All the features and 3rd party integrations are included in all memberships.
In order to install our component you have to download the extension .zip file and use standard Joomla installer.



Then click on Browse > Upload and Install button, component, modules and plugins will be installed activated by default.


1.2 Update & automatic updater

In order to update the extension you can install a new version over the old one by downloading the ZIP file from JoomUnited or use the automatic updater (recommended).



The automatic updater, which push the update notification, is embedded in the Joomla extension you've installed. So you'll get notified like any other extension in the dashboard or using the menu: Extension > Manage > Update menu.


Login to your account to update

You need to login to your JoomUnited account to update all your JoomUnited Joomla extensions. In order to login access the main configuration of the component then click on the Live update tab. At the bottom, you'll find a login button. 



Enter your JoomUnited credentials, the same you use to login here @ www.joomunited.com



The button will turn orange, congrats! you can now update all the JoomUnited extensions on this website! If your membership is expired you'll get a renew link and a text that explain that.



Note: one single login will allow you to update all the JoomUnited extensions (regarding your membership). Login won't expire unless you disconnect it. 



The Sponsorship Reward content is organized with 4 main views:

  • Sponsors
  • Sponsorees
  • Reward categories
  • Rewards

In order to make the component work:

  • Create a category of reward
  • Create a reward 
  • Add a menu link to component
  • Let the users increase your community
  • Manage sponsors and sponsorees

2.1 Create a reward category

The reward categories will help you to categorize all the rewards the sponsors will receive when they reach the number of sponsorees. 

In order to add a reward category just go on Component  > Sponsorship Reward then click on “Rewards categories”.

image6You’ll find some standard Joomla control buttons on the top right of your screen.



To add a new category, click on new.

Note: like any Joomla article, it’s possible to publish/unpublish – archive - trash/untrash your elements



To achieve the category creation you should at least type a name, to complete the parameters you can also fill the parent category, the description and the publication status.

To finish editing your glossary, please save it. 



2.2 Add rewards

The rewards will be sent to the sponsors when they reach the number of sponsorees you’ve defined.


Go on the dashboard, you’ll access to the rewards listing. You can use 3 tools to filter your rewards if they’re numerous: the filter, the status and the categories.


To add a new reward, use the standard Joomla button “New” on the top right of your screen.


By default, you can add 2 type of reward: 

  • Email: an email will be sent to the sponsor when he reach the number of sponsorees
  • Group: the sponsor will be added at a Joomla user group of your choice when he reach the number of sponsorees

Here is the group assignment example: 



You should fill:

  • The title of the reward
  • The category of the reward 
  • The minimum and maximum number of sponsorees to get the reward
    1. From: the minimum number to get a reward, i.e here for 1 sponsoree the sponsor will get a reward
    2. From: the maximum number to get a reward, after that sponsor won’t have reward
  • The group witch the user will be added 

Here is the Email reward example: 


Note: you can also add some specific tags to customize your reward Email.



In order for sponsors to invite sponsorees, you’ll need to add a menu link to the component. Go in the menu manager choosing as type Glossaries and chooses a glossary.


Then you have the availability to display a complete glossary with all definitions terms.



With Sponsorship Reward component you get a complete panel to:

  • Send invitations
  • Watch the sponsorees you have and the waiting list
  • View your informations


3.2 Send invitations

In order to send invitation, click on the button “Send invitation”


From the invitation view you can send Email to your future sponsorees, one or some Emails separated by commas.

Just below you have some tools to add the registration link to your Email, this link will be use by sponsorees to register and be added as sponsoree.


3.3 Get sponsorees

So then your future sponsorees will receive an Email and get redirected to a register page.



Then a sponsoree will be added to your dashboard.



Note that you can also add sponsorees to users from the Joomla backend, just go on Sponsors view > Click on the Sponsor user > then click on “Associate”. From the backend you can also add or delete sponsorees directly.

Note: A user cannot be a sponsoree and sponsor of another user.



3.3 Parameters & configuration

The Sponsorship Reward parameters allow you to:

  • Add the URL suffix of the sponsoring page
  • Include or not the template default stylesheet for frontend view
  • Customize the message displayed for non-logged sponsorees


You can have a special message if you are using a rewrite configuration with .htaccess file. In order to prevent error in dashboard URL, you’ll have to use the automatic fix tool.

Also make sure that you’ve got a backup and that your .htaccess file and that it’s writable.