My Testimonials documentation


My Testimonials is a Joomla extensions that allows you to get clients testimonials and display them the way you want. It's fully integrated with Google Rich Snippet.




1.1 Install

Our component is Joomla 3.x compatible. All the features and 3rd party integrations are included in all memberships.
In order to install our component you have to download the extension .zip file and use standard Joomla installer.



Then click on Browse > Upload and Install button, component, modules and plugins will be installed activated by default.


1.2 Update & automatic updater

In order to update the extension you can install a new version over the old one by downloading the ZIP file from JoomUnited or use the automatic updater (recommended).



The automatic updater, which push the update notification, is embedded in the Joomla extension you've installed. So you'll get notified like any other extension in the dashboard or using the menu: Extension > Manage > Update menu.


Login to your account to update

You need to login to your JoomUnited account to update all your JoomUnited Joomla extensions. In order to login access the main configuration of the component then click on the Live update tab. At the bottom, you'll find a login button. 



Enter your JoomUnited credentials, the same you use to login here @



The button will turn orange, congrats! you can now update all the JoomUnited extensions on this website! If your membership is expired you'll get a renew link and a text that explain that.



Note: one single login will allow you to update all the JoomUnited extensions (regarding your membership). Login won't expire unless you disconnect it. 



2.1 Create testimonials

My Testimonials allows you to create testimonials from Joomla backend and from frontend (next chapter). From backend, you can use the default category or create new ones. Nested categories are allowed.

To access to the testimonial category management, use the menu Components > My Testimonials > Testimonials categories


Then, to add testimonials, use the menu Components > My Testimonials > My Testimonials

testimonial-listThen click on New and start editing a new testimonial. The first elements editable are:

  • Title and alias: used as testimonial title and page title
  • The category of the testimonial
  • The mane of the reviewer
  • The Company
  • The rating: from 1 to 5, use by the extension as rich snippet rating (display star and review in search engine)
  • Social networks links




Then you'll find:

  • The testimonial, review text
  • The keywords (native Joomla teg system)
  • The publication date
  • The language
  • The status of publication
  • The avatar of the person (can be a custom image or use Gravatar integration)
The avatar: avatar thumbnails are automatically generated on upload, respecting the size configuration from the settings




On the right part you'll find the testimonial geolocation information. To add a location you can:

  • Type a place and use Google Maps suggestion
  • Click to add a pin on the map
  • Type an address



2.2 Get and edit testimonial from frontend

You can get testimonials from your users on frontend. From the settings you can activate this feature.


The setting comes with some additional restriction configuration.

  • Allow frontend submission: Set to Yes to allow frontend submission (otherwise limited to super admin only)
  • Auto publish:  will publish right away the user submissions, if not the submission will be set as unpublished
  • Single IP restriction: limit 1 submission per user IP
  • Single user restriction: Limit the user submission to 1 per Joomla account
  • Text cropping: limit the text length on testimonial submission


To complete those settings you can configure user group permissions



The group permissions allows you to restrict, per user group, who will be allowed to:

  • Create testimonial
  • Edit all testimonials
  • Edit own testimonial
  • Delete testimonials

Depending of the permission, some buttons will be displayed on frontend.



Then create a new menu element: Menus > A menu > Add > Menu type: Testimonial Form



And you're done, you should get a frontend testimonial submission form



2.3 Testimonial menu display

The testimonials can be displayed using menus, module and you can setup your own design. From the menu you can display a single testimonial or a testimonial list.
Create a new menu element: Menus > A menu > Add > Menu type: Testimonial List

You can setup the testimonial category to display on frontend.



The testimonial ordering and count can be setup in the Advanced tab



Finally, in the testimonial option you can activate the rich snippet output (to display ratings in Google search results), the column count and display/hide the testimonial detail view. 


The frontend rendering will be a testimonial masonry wall, respecting the number of columns you've chosen.


2.4 My Testimonial module

The testimonial module allows to use the Joomla module display flexibility to display a testimonial list masonry wall (like the menu) as slideshow.
Open the menu named My Testimonial

First, select a category of testimonial and a listing type.



  • Grid: Masonry layout with number of column selection
  • Slideshow: will display a testimonial slideshow




The other module settings are:

  • Testimonials details view: Display/hide the testimonial detail view. 
  • Enable Rich Snippet: Activate the rich snippet output (to display ratings in Google search results)
  • Override Rating and Count: Generate a rating score not from all the testimonial from the category but from the testimonial current selection (like last 10 testimonials)
  • Testimonials count: Number of testimonials to load
  • Ordering: Testimonials and ordering
  • Text cropping: crop text



3.1 Testimonials layout

From the component setting, you can select 2 predefined layouts, Vertical or Horizontal.



On this layouts, you can apply some custom design. the following elements can be configured:



And you got a preview of the design from the admin on save.
About the avatar, there's an automatic image resize on upload (to avoid heavy images loaded on hundred of testimonials) and you can setup the avatar sizes and the crop method.


3.2 Google Company Rich Snippet

The second tab of the configuration is about the Google Company Rich Snippet. The component allows you to get testimonials, if your website is about a company, a brand... you can setup the company information from there.


All those information, along with testimonials, will then be displayed on Google search results and also on Google Maps.



3.2 YouTube and Google Maps integration

My Testimonial is integrated with YouTube, it means that's once activated from the settings, you can add a YouTube video link related to a testimonial.



It could be a video testimonial for example.



The Google Maps integration allows you to locate all your testimonials and then display a global map with all testimonials locations.