Advanced Gutenberg

Last update : 18 Jul 2018

Version 1.5.2

Fix Compatibility with Gutenberg version 3.2.0

Version 1.5.1

Fix Add option to toggle blocks spacing setting
Fix Blocks still show on Gutenberg even disabled from profile

Version 1.5.0

Add New block: Accordion block
Add New block: Tabs block
Add New block: Social links block
Add Option to define default vertical spacing between blocks (frontend)
Fix Advanced Video block: Not override poster after fetching video
Fix Error while updating blocks list on profile

Version 1.4.0

Add New block: Map block
Add New block: Advanced Video block
Add New block: Advanced Table block
Add New options to add margin & padding on Columns and Text Columns block
Fix Update code format to match latest Gutenberg release

Version 1.3.0

Add New block: Testimonial block
Add New block: Advanced Image block
Add New block: Counter (count up) with symbol
Add New options to customize Separator block
Fix Make block icons in profile display properly like in Gutenberg

Version 1.2.1

Fix Improve code format and compatibility

Version 1.2.0

Add New Advanced Button block: create button with more styles (hover, border, padding...)
Add New Advanced List block: create list with list icon, icon color...
Add Summary block: Allow to set anchor links color, block alignment and load summary in minimized
Add New summary block option: load the block minimized and define text
Add New style for summary block: align the block + font style and color options
Fix Improve compatibility with other plugins

Version 1.1.0

Add Create custom CSS styles and apply to paragraph blocks
Add Identify CSS property wity with: name, class and color
Add New Summary block: Insert Gutenberg summary based on content headers

Version 1.0.1

Fix Compatibility with Gutenberg version 2.2.0

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial version
Add Blocks access: Define which editor blocks Users / User roles can use
Add Make gallery blocks images can be opened in a popup lightbox
Add Option to display alt text as caption when a gallery lightbox is opened