Advanced Gutenberg Developer Documentation

This documentation will help experienced developers to plug any other service with our plugin. Here are all actions and filters for this plugin, if you need some more, feel free to ask by using this for dedicated forum. Thanks for using our plugin!


Add or modify the debug information.
Plugin or themes may wish to introduce their own debug information without creating additional admin pages
they can utilize this filter to introduce their own sections or add more data to existing sections.
Array keys for sections added by core are all prefixed with `wp-`, plugins and themes should use their own slug as
a prefix, both for consistency as well as avoiding key collisions. Note that the array keys are used as labels
for the copied data.
All strings are expected to be plain text except $description that can contain inline HTML tags (see below).

Parameters :

array $info Information

Return :


In files :

jufeedback/ju-check-debug-data.php line 1070